Rear end is GONE. How do I know if I have ABS or w/o ABS and what ratio I need on 1994 Toyota Pickup

Rear end ran w/o grease and is GONE. Looking for used rear ends, they list ABS or w/o ABS. They also list 2-3 different ratios for the rear ends. I have NO idea since I bought it 19 years ago? What is stock for this basic model 4x2, 4 cyl truck? Rear end ratio? W or w/o ABS? thank you.

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Call Toyota dealer and give vin they should be able to tell you what you want to know!
Thank you
Welcom, that is the best way to find out what it came with. Prob. not ABS. However that number tells it all.
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look for sensors or sensor ring,take the ring gears tooth number and divide it by the pinion tooth number and thats your ratio