2006 Jeep Liberty Q&A

2006 Jeep Liberty Question: rear driver side window is not going up or down with motor,

glass isn,t connected to track for some reason -
Answer 1
Sounds like you need a new regulator.the roller bushings may be warn out or are just broke. -
Answer 2
window regulator is probably broken, you should check with your local jeep dealer they have extended warranty on some vin# depending on date of inservice. i got mine replced free. -
Comment 1
With it being 6 years old, I'm sure the warranty is probably run out, but the regulator is less expensive than the motor,I have replace a few. But the motor and regulator have to come out to swap out the regulator. Unfortunately,I am in Ga. Not in Ohio,or I would do it for you.Just so you know, the roller bushings are only plastic. -
Answer 3
Call Chrysler. They are aware of this faulty windows. I have had 3 windows fixed for free. They will give you a reference # and you can set up an appointment with a dealer. -
Answer 4
Have had the same issue many times, but the last time they said it was no longer covered. You will fix it and it WILL happen again! -
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The power window motor commonly fails in the front and rear doors. This may require replacement of the complete window regulator assembly which will include the window motor.