Chrysler 300 Problem Report

Chrysler 300 Rear Differential/Axle Seals are Prone to Leaks

(21 reports)

Rear differential and axle seals are prone to repeated leaks.

Rear seal leaked...had it replaced -
Found leaking a little at time of service, and require replacement over $600 which includes labor. -
Both rear end axils are leaking at rear end differential -
Rear axle seals on right is already leaking. Car was purchased new. Is this a common problem or a recall item? I've never had this problem before so early with a vehicle. -
When i drive to stop and start bad suond in the back. -
Routine tire inspection before vacation; grease leaking from right rear axle near wheel (outboard, not inboard) - will cost about $500 to replace the axle and seal. -
Leaks had been taking place for awhile, so they had gummed up and sealed. Had it fixed, but very difficult at a shop that doesn't have the special tools that a Chrysler dealer has. -
After only 14 months, recurring problems. As of today 08/15/11, every four months replacement, adjustment, cleaning, something... It appears may be related to vent position. Keeping fingers crossed. -
During an inspection it was determined that the rear differential/axle was starting to leak. I checked with dealer to get it repaired under warrenty. They had a seal in stock and did the repair. It then leaked more then before I had it in. They ordered anoter seal and installed it. No problem since then. -
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