Dodge Magnum Problem Report

Dodge Magnum Rear Differential/Axle Seals are Prone to Leaks

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Rear differential and axle seals are prone to repeated leaks.

I've got a differential/axle seal leak for the 4th time. It seems that roughly every 30,000 miles the seal or seals give up and then I've got a leak. First change was under warranty. The next two were done by the dealership as well. However, each time, the parts needed to be ordered and sent from New York. On a common fail part? Additionally, after my third alignment, I looked back at my maintenance records and started to put two and two together and figured out that soon after changing those seals, I've needed an alignment. So, I called the service advisor and asked if the rear cradle gets dropped out of the car in order to change the axle seals. He assured me that it does. Well, that was changing my alignment each time because they were not aligning the rear cradle each time. Worse yet, the dealership isn't equipped to complete a proper alignment, so I know for a fact it wasn't being aligned. For the fourth time, I've got a local, top notch alignment shop that is going to change the seals, inspect things to see what might be causing the seals to begin leaking, and align everything when it's done. I'm so very disappointed with this reoccuring problem and the money it has cost me in labor, alignments, and Michelin rubber! -
My differential fluid leaks at times. -
it was just this morning I went to air up the back right tire and heard air leaking. I thought it was my tire until I got to the place I was going and shut my car off. the sound was louder. I then drove home and checked it again and the sound has stopped. -
rear differential keep leaking -
hrd noise coming from the back took in to the dealer they told me that there was no oil in the rear axle now if the seals were licking that means that there fault but i payed $2170 to get it fix they fix it drove out of the dealer 5 miles down the road it broke down now they telling me that the trans. is broken and it is my fault so im telling them that they told me the problem was the axle and paid for it how can the trans be my fault now they want $4000 to fix it what am i suppose to do -
Yep, same rear axle seal leak here too. seems to only be the right side that does it. first one was under warranty, second time just started after a 3,000 mi road trip at 96,000 mi (Apr '11). very annoying to say the least as it will prob be expensive out of warr covg. -
rear axle dripping oil on garage floor. Seems to spray on underneath of car when driving. May be worse when driving. -
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