Rear Differential Bushing Replacement on on 2005 Cadillac SRX

I was hearing a loud vibrating noise when I start my car up in the morning and after setting all day, either going backward out of the garage or frontward to leave work. The dealer ship says the rear differential bushing needs to be replace. What is a fair estimate to replace rear differential bushing on 2005 cadillac SRX?

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Maybe get another opinion as the only bushing I see is located on the rear suspension (rear control arm bushing) get another estimate just to be sure
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I just had it done to my wife 2005 srx and my mechanic charged me $100 dollars for labor and the pair cost $36 and some change, which I personally picked up myself from the dealer. That same dealer want $150 for labor plus parts. So I saved some money dealing with my mechanic shop here locally in Jacksonville, fl. Hopefully this be of help to you, if you haven't already got it done by, it being OCT now.
do you have a part number for the bushing