rear differential on 2000 Ford Expedition

i just replaced the transfer case and cleared de clunking noise..found new problem at rear diferential it haves some play at slip yoke ..i was told its outer and inner bearings that are bad ..the first few miles after replacing tranfer case it was clunking very little now its quiet even when i really step on it..its seems normal. i think da shop wanted extra work..not sure it still haves play is that normal?

by in Ontario, CA on June 02, 2011
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ANSWER by on June 07, 2011
Play at the slip yokes develops over time, whether it's a problem depends on how bad it is and whether it affects anything. If you're talking about the rear differential having play at the drive flange, then that's a problem. The pinion bearings are out of adjustment or failing. If that's the case, then the shop was trying to sell you something you need even if it's not causing an apparent problem.
COMMENT by on June 07, 2011
thanks superbob.. my other question is that i dont hear or feel any problems ..but thers still some play . how hard is it to adjust pinion bearings i have to tear down differential ..or should i wait till i gets noisy like clunking ..what about towing my 19 ft. fishing boat's a little heavy one .i did go off roading with no problem ,thanks for ur time superbob
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