Mercedes-Benz ML320 Problem Report

Mercedes-Benz ML320 Rear Corner Panels on Sides of Tailgate May Crack/Break

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The rear corner panels on either side of the tailgate (black plastic) can crack or break. They should be cut off and the adhesive removed before new panels are glued on.

problem was from cold winters in chicago. car in garage all time but garage was really cold last ear, 2013. Both black strips got horizontal cracks. Ignored them. sold car at 128,800 -
Pieces of plastic on back corners of car next to rear glass cracked on both sides. -
yep, me too -
i got the car used and ever since i have it this has been an omgoing annoyong problem that is not an inexpensive fix. each side is at least 150.00 each plus install, so guess what ? it was never done and it spoils appearance of the car! -
both sides are cracked -
Not yet repaired -
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