rear caliper bolts on 2010 Audi Q7

what i ment was the 2 bolts on the caliper they look sort of like torx but with more splines in it soory i never seen it be for mostly work on trucks for the past 20 years never seen a head on a bolt like this one an its funny because fronts are hex head

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Hi I think the reason they use that funnny bolt (not an allen key nor a torx bolt is so that you don't start doing the brakes and then suddenly find the caliper applies the handbrake electronically to the rear wheels. I know Mercedes, and VW and some Fords have gone that way but I don't have access right now to check that information for you. Who would have thought thirty years ago you would need scan tool to retract brake calipers or work on brakes. Alldata is the best source for that information.
thank you
thank you, I was ready to change rear rotors on '08 Q7 and then realized they had those emergency shoes inside them, then got a hint that they may be set electrically-my next car will be a late '60s or early '70s gotta love the simplicity