rear busing need replacement on 1995 Honda Odyssey

All 4 rear bushing need to be replaced. They are squeeking bad and breaking down. Is this something that can be done by the owner? Owner pretty handy with car repairs.

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Stabilizer/sway bar end link bushings or shock absorber bushings at the rear can cause the squeak. If it is trailing arm bushings these are more labor intensive to install and need a special tool to do them on the car. If you replace the control arm bushings by taking the control arm of the car the brakes need to be disconnected and bleed out afterward.
I just did all four control arm bushings on my Cadillac last month. The bushings can rust into the control arm, the hardest "labor" part of that job was getting the rusted bushings out. But, it only took me a day to knock out. The mechanic wanted 1k to do this job, it cost me about $150 and an afternoon of work. So, just a heads up!
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If your talking about the link stabilizer bushings is not so hard, it is difficult if you dont have the right tools.
Sorry I can't be more specific... I am not as car savvy but I can tell you I am referring to the 4 bushings that lead to the back wheels. One is closer to the wheel and the other is a little farther away. How many different bushings are in the rear suspension? Also, what tools are needed to change them out?