Mercury Montego Problem Report

Mercury Montego Rear Brakes Wear Out Abnormally Fast

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If the rear brakes wear out abnormally fast, this can be caused by defective rear brake pads. The rear wheels may also appear to become excessively dusty. They should be replaced with revised brake pads, and all wheel drive (AWD) vehicles should replace front brake pads as well.

Rear Brakes seem to wear abnormally fast. I coast a lot and don't use the brakes hard but they still seem to wear prematurly. -
rear brake pads worn completely out rotor ruined and right rear caliper piston out so far it wont go back in e brake has never been applied -
eats the brakes FAST! we also have a Ford Five Hundred That eats the brakes fast too! :( although we cant find a car as comfortable as these -
rear brake pads worn out in less than 10,000 miles. Now the steering is malfunctioning.. ugh!! -
Rear brakes and rotors replaced 7 months ago, (approx 8000_) worn out again, dealer recommended new brake pads and rotors How can this happen, they said that Ford brake pads too hard. -
rear brakes wear out fast..on fourth set car is less than five years old..check engine light came on at least ten or more times (abs) light traction light throttle control tranmistion light is on,car is a lemon thats why they stopped making them just had a new throttle control assembly put in car 845.90...all my idiot lights are on now...because i was an idiot for buying it brand new -
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