2003 Ford E-350 Q&A

2003 Ford E-350 Question: rear brakes

how do you take them off to replace? -
Answer 1
I suggest you get a repair manual for this vehicle if your going to be doing your own work. You can get an online subscription to excellent information here: http://bit.ly/mitchell_repair_manuals_online This way you are better prepared to tackle this and many other jobs on your Ford. -
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The brake pedal is spongy and under pressure goes to the floor. I also notice when I have a helper depress the brake pedal while I look into the brake fluid Reservoir, the fluid boils up. No air, j...
The third brake light, plus the 2 standard rear brake lights will not shut off.
got a 1990 e350 box truck that has just about no brake pedal we have changed the master cylinder and the front brake pads also adjusted the rear brake shoes
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