Rear brake pads wear out prematurely on Acura TSX

Average mileage: 25,445 (14,500–50,000)
2 model years affected: 2009, 2010
11 people reported this problem
8 people shared problem details
2010 Acura TSX50,000
I have replaced my break pads three times since I bought the car.
The rear brake pads wore out after 20k miles. There was still plenty of pad left on the front brakes, but it seems they designed the brakes with not enough meat on them for the rear. I've found other complaints of this issue from drivers oh the NHTSA site.
2010 Acura TSX35,000
Rear brake pads prematurely worn
There is class action law suit on this problem. I had to replace the brakes but got reimbursed part of the cost. the dealer did not tell me I had to search for the information myself.
2009 Acura TSX30,904
rear brakes worn out prematurly
2010 Acura TSX24,000
I had to replace my rear brakes at ~24,000 miles. Found out there was a lawsuit but my brake problem didn't occur until after the deadline to submit the paperwork. I spoke with Acura and they told me to go ahead and file it. They denied me as i knew they would. I still haven't gotten any money back from them. I also have had my rotors resurfaced twice and my car only had 30,000 miles on it. I now have 34,000 and it feels like my rear rotors are bad again! This is ridiculous!
2010 Acura TSX14,500
Was told there was a claim settlement with Honda/Acura the rear brake pads seemed to be an issue. Was told I would get money back. Filed the claim and got denied.
2010 Acura TSX15,000
Was told the brake pads had a law suit and should not have been so worn at the amount of mileage. Was told to have them fixed and submit a claim to reimbursement. Submitted the claim and did not get my money back
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