Rear Brake Pad Wearout At 23.5k miles on 2007 Jaguar XJ8

Is it common for the rear brake pads to wear out after only 23.5k miles? No warning of impending damage to rotor via scrapper tabs...none notice on pads. Comparative front to rear pad surfaces, I still have approx. 80% lining left on fronts. Also noted significant pad size difference with the rears being much smaller pads. Possible design flaw given this vehicle is rear wheel drive with traction control? Or possible problem with electronic parking brake allowing rear brakes to drag. Anyone with input on this matter?

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I can't say about this specific car, but that is on the early side of a reasonable time for brakes (18-50k is the expected range). Obviously driving habits and where you drive (like coming down a mountain every day) can play a lot on brake wear.

It definitely is unusually to get more rear pad wear than front. Your theory on the fact that its a rear wheel drive might play in somehow, but I couldn't say how exactly.
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The exact same thing happened to my 2006 XJ8L. I got front and rear replaced 12000 miles ago. My front is now at 7.5 mm and my rear is at 3.5mm and they are recommending that I replace the rear. They told me the reason is that the back pads are a lot smaller than the fronts. I'm very skeptical.
The same thing happened to my 2008 XJ8L. I only had 26K miles and the back brakes had metal to metal contact. I had replace the rear brakes and the parking brake.