Rear bearing drum assembly and transmission. on 1994 Plymouth Voyager

Iam unable to find the rear drum and bearing assembly for my rear drums. (its one pressed and tack welded piece ) for my 1994 voyager,front wheel drive, 3.3L V6
If they are unavailable does anyone know of a conversion kit?

Also my tansmision intermitantly downshifts when driving,
the fluid is clear, and this just begain to happen any ideas?

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They don't come separately, the drum and bearing hub are separate parts. You remove the studs and separate the drum from the hub..
Get the transmission diagnosed by a transmission shop or a Plymouth specialist.
If you want to find a Plymouth specialist, here's our directory link for you:
Thank you for the reply . The link helped for the trans . Do you know of an adption kit I could use to change these to disk so i dont have to go through this again.