rear axle removal on 1998 Chevrolet Tracker

how do i remove the rear axle shaft it is the right side i removed the 4 nuts behind the backing plate i tried to pull the axle out and could not also tried to pry it out also

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take your rotor put it on backwards with 3 lug nuts only a couple of turns and thats your slam hammer dont waste your money you will need it for the new bearing seal unit 252.99 at kragen and then take it to a machine shop to have it changed on the axle
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You will remove the 4 bolts on the backing plate, then you will need to attach and use a slide hammer to remove the axle. You can rent a slide hammer at almost any auto parts store, or, they have a slide hammer set at Harbor Freight Tools for $20 that should do the job.
Check out the service information available from AutoZone - They may have the information you need to remove your rear axle shaft.
I tapped the back side of the mounting flange with four pound hammer. Axle came right out.
Machine shop removed and replaced bearing/seal for about sixty dollars.