Cadillac CTS-V Problem Report

Cadillac CTS-V Rear Axle Pinion Seal May Leak

(6 reports)

The rear axle pinion seal may leak causing fluid loss and possible internal rear end damage. Replacing the faulty seal will commonly correct this concern.

Rear Pinion seal has been leaking, slow leak and progressively became a serious leak. Find it asinine that GM/Cadillac decided to put the standard CTS Rear Differential in their performance model CTS. Even worse...regardless of how meticulous you are about maintaining the fluids (proper or early service interval) all (even the latest or last gen) of the differentials in the CTS V's will eventually whine due to GM using a poor designed differential that shouldn't have even been used for the base model CTS. -
My CTS-V has had 3 rear ends replaced. One before I bought it (previous owner) and 2 since 60K miles. -
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