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1995 Plymouth Acclaim Question: Rear Axle

About to buy a '95 Plymouth Acclaim, but owner says the rear axle needs to be replaced. Says it only makes a noise and does not interfere with handling. Wondering how much of a problem this is, should it be replaced right away or can it wait, how much should it run me in Tallahassee,FL? -
Answer 1
Your Acclaim's Rear axle beam will make a creaking sound if the torsion bar welded inside is cracked.or bent. It is not a safety issue as much as it may be annoying, especially when going up driveways, speed bumps etc. The approx cost of the axle assembly is about $300.00 plus 3 hours labor to replace. Here is a link to your local repair facilities. http://repairpal.com/directory?address=32303&car_brand_names=Plymouth -
Comment 1
Johnny, Thank you so much for your response! We ended up getting this Acclaim and feel good about the buy. The only problem it has is this noise, that's more like a clanging sound than creaking. It's a clamoring that only happens, as you say, when going over bumps in the road. Had a mechanic look underneath, but he said everything looks tight, nothing loose. I will check with a local repair shop that was on the link you sent. Let me know if you have any other thoughts on this. Thank you so much! -
Answer 2
There is a Teflon Bushing one that is missing -