rear air suspension on 2004 Buick Rainier

The entire rear end of my buick drops. It does not always drop only sometimes after it has not been driven. Once I turn on the car the compressor pumps it back up. It used to take hours to drop and now takes less time. The dealer said they dont know whats wrong How do I know what part it needs.

by in Lindsay, CA on June 02, 2010
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ANSWER by on June 03, 2010
A shock can leak air pressure,or a line to the shock can leak.Check to see that the leveling device is conected to a link that controls the signall to turn on the air pump,when the vehicle is needing to be leveled by the air pumped to the rear may be able to find the leak with soapy water sprayed on the shocks air bag or lines from the pump to the shocks.If there be a leak any where in the system the shocks will deflate!And the vehicle will sit down!I,m not sure about a check valve in the system!
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