2002 GMC Envoy Q&A

2002 GMC Envoy Question: rear air bags

does anyone know how to replace rear airbags????? help -
Answer 1
I do not see where your Envoy is equipped with "rear" air bags. I see front air bags in the dash and side air bags in the front seats. In order to replace the side air bags the front seats must be removed and partially disassembled. -
Comment 1
susp.not saftey air bags -
Answer 2
You need to have a qualified tech to do this. Also, if they were deployed, the Air Bag computer needs to be checked because some models self destruct, when activated, as a safety precaution. -
Answer 3
yes they are easy to place jack car up then jack stands on frame lets rear susp. drop down then take off rim just turn air bag off its easy -
Answer 4
Get a conversion kit from Strutmasters.com about $300.00 can be don in about an hour -
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