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2004 Cadillac DeVille Question: Rear air

Front air works fine, rear air blows hot. It is on cold an head an feet -
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after installing rear air shocks,there is a "clunking" noise heard.When the air pump comes on and raises the rear,it goes away but comes back in just a few minutes,until the pump raises the rear ag...
The compressor for the air shocks quit working, so I replaced the compressor and both rear air shocks as they were both leaking. After doing that I still cant get the compressor to come on. So I kn...
My 2000 cadillac deville rear air suspension keeps raising my suspension and its makeind my car higher in the back then it should be. is there a regulator or something i can do to make this stop.
my rear air shocks are pumped up to the top so the back end is jacked up. the dealer has already replaced the sensor switch and said it is probably the pump. doesn't sound right to me.
98 deville, can i disconnect leveler so rear lowers to normal ? captbarry