rear air on 2003 Chevrolet Tahoe

I think i have a rear a/c water leak. Is there a drain tube or plug for condensation to flow outside the vehicle?

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I have a 2004 Chevy Tahoe that for the last few months when I run the rear AC I get a funny musty odor coming from the rear A/C vents. The smell was extreme whe the AC was first turned on. After a while the smell would get less as the unti was run. When I developed a persistant cough that would not go away, I decided to check the rear AC. What I found was the drain tube from the rear evaporator was bent over and not draining. Mold was growing in the unit, making me sick. The drain plug is locsted near the AC line that goes into the evaporator. The rubber nipple was bent over and tucked into the bottom of the truck. Look for it above the exhaust pipe. I was able to pick at it with my finger and a nipple like hose end appeared. I used a wire to unplug the line. I then used a diluted bleach mixture to kill the mold that was growing on the AC condensor. I removed the panel and removed what I think might be the thermostat. This exposed a 2 inch by 4 inch hole. This allowed access to the condensor where I poured in the bleach mixture. I also used a spray bottle with bleach to spray all around in the evaporator. This cleaned it up nicely. My cough has gone away.
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There is a rear A/C evaporator drain tube in the back just like there is one for the front evaporator. With both front and rear A/C operating on your 2003 Tahoe you should notice clear water dripping from both the front and rear of the vehicle.