Chevrolet Astro Problem Report

Chevrolet Astro AC Not Cold Due to Refrigerant Leak

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On vans with rear AC, the AC may stop blowing cold air due to a damaged AC line near the back of the engine. It is common for these lines to rub on the engine block, causing a hole in the line and a refrigerant leak.

rear ac line leaking...looking to cut & seal those lines & just use front a/c -
bought the van used and found out the ac will blow in the front but not in the rear.Had refrigerant put in and ac still wont blow out cold air. rear ac just wont blow at all.?? -
no ac cannot find leaks in front of vehicle / has a rear ac unit -
Ac has lost it's charge. I refilled the freon and the ac started to cool again. The compressor stopped clicking on and off. Well a day later the compressor started clicking again. Now I guess I'll be looking for a leak. Also the rear ac is still not working. I was hoping it was just because of the low freon. It has to have a leak for it to be low on freon anyway. -
AC quit working. Fans work great, but no cold air for AC in the summer Heather rear and front work fine. -
Found that the hard aluminum line wore thru at a mounting bracket on the frame. Had to replace the entire line. Not a cheap fix. -
Took it in for estimate as air was not working in front or back. We had to pay 80 bucks to find out it won't hold Freon due to a leak and it has both front and rear ac, so to fix that is 1300 or so, or cut and cap it off and just run front ac for 600, I am putting up without are but may have to get if fixed after the oil leak. -
a/c no longer accepts Freon. due to leaking rear a/c -
the previous owner fixed the same issue. Mechanic take a huge precausion so this time hose rubed to exhaust manifold rather than engine body. I'm going to fix it. -
Ac not working at all -
AC not working, prob leak/no refrigerant in system. Also, rear AC fan out. -
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