rear a/c on 1998 Chevrolet Express 2500

can't get replacement rear a/c lines. the original lines rotted through over the rear axle. the replacement lines are in 3 sections, but can't get all 3 sections.

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Try a junk yard or an A/C shop, perhaps they can make some special for you.
thanks much, rich rahn
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you can order the assembly direct from Chevy. Unfortunately it comes as a complete assembly high, low lines and heater line attached from front (engine compartment) to back (rear air unit). Over 250.00 for the part.

Chevy also has a splice kit available I believe this is around 50.00 but needs a special tool to crimp the splice. The lines also rot out where they attach to the frame (Common problem)

Good luck

thanks to everyone for their responses. i was able to get the correct lines & just put them on today. the original lines are 1 piece front to rear. fortunately, the replacement from chevy comes in 3 sections (still a lot of work).