1992 Ford Crown Victoria Q&A

1992 Ford Crown Victoria Question: realy or coil

runs until gets hot then quits cools down runs again realy switch ,fuse or coil pack -
Answer 1
This is a 1992, yes, with a 4.6L V8? I have a great answer if it was only a year earlier, with a 5.0L V8...but this is a different animal. You could have a fuel pump or PCM relay issue. You could have a fuel pump issue on its own. You could have a sensor issue - cam or crank. Hard to say until testing is done. -
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is the engine temp running hot? or runs for awhile and shuts down? will it crank over after it shuts down? there is a number of problems that can cause this had a 92 grand marquis stop running every 30 miles turned out to be a tank of bad gas had alot of water in it you can run tests yourself the 92 is still OBD-1 with no special tools other than a jumper wire and reading the flashes of the check engine light most manuals available at auto parts stores for about $15 will show how to do this. hand held scanners are also availble range in price from 30-300 the cheap ones just flash and you still need to look the codes up -