reading lamps won't turn off on 2008 Chevrolet HHR

Just bought a 2008 HHR today. First time I start it up in the dark, the reading lamps on the rear view mirror come on and I can't turn them off. Shutting the engine off...lights stay on. Reading lamps will not go off no matter what.

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Turn the dimmer for the instruments off.All the way to the right it stay on, turn it to the left just a touch, and it will go off.
Thank you, I've been looking for a solution to that problem for days and even though it is very simple you will never find it in the manual.
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It was the dimmer for the instrument lights. Never owned a car before that the dimmer was in the middle of the dash instead of to the left of the steering wheel. Feel like such an idiot for not being able to figure that out immediately......but since the dimmer is in the middle of the dash, between the air vents, right above the heater and AC controls.... I thought it was part of the AC controls. Car is fantastic after getting used to the different locations for all the controls that are not in the locations I have grown accustom to withh all other vehicles I have owned in the past.
There should be buttons on the bottom of the mirror to turn the map lights on and off. If they indeed stay on even when you try turning them off using the buttons then a trip back to the dealer would be in order. A good place to find answers to questions such as these would be in your owners manual.
There is a delay of maybe a minute or so, if they stay on after that check the rear lift gate. If it's not shut completely the interior lights will stay on.
thank you, i thought i was losing my mind.
it goes off after awhile there is no switch to turn it off, it goes on when the car goes on and stays on all the time, when you turn off car it will go off after a few mintues