Read my whole Air Bag thread, looks like the Summary doesn't cut it. on 2003 Pontiac Bonneville

Not sure what your asking...but my guess no body wants to do a free diagnosis ...that is at least the shops that have made the investment to buy the (exspensive)equipment and software that can do the proper diagnosis of your air bag and suplemental restraint systems. My guess you are going to have to spend the bucks to get this problem resloved one way or the other wheather its the GM dealer or a quilfied professional repair shop. Good luck.
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When the air bag light comes on the module has detected a fault present in the system. The light turns on to inform you there is a problem and to have it inspected immediately. You can pull the air bag fuse to prevent an unwanted deployment, which is possible when there is a fault in the system. Most professional repair facilities will not do that for you as the air bag is a safety device and they would be liable if there was an accident. I highly recommend you to have the air bag system inspected by a reputable repair facility, and yes a reputable facility will charge you to diagnose as they have the proper training and tools. I hope this answers your original question.
Thanks for the quick reply and info. Yes, I will definitely go to a reputable facility, especially after reading up on the complexities of the whole SIRS system. I'd like to pull the fuse(s) myself. Maybe my owners manual will show me the right one(s).