Re-torque cylinder head bolts for a new rebuilt engine? on 1995 Chevrolet Lumina

For a new remaufactured V6 3.1L engine, does it require retorqued cylinder heads after break-in period?
I did see some real small traces of coolant from the head gasket!

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Do not retorque!! Head bolts are streach to yield. Proper torque has been set, dont know what you read but milesauto is right! Maybe intake manifold, check warranty again.
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no retorque necessary
Okay, but I see some small traces of coolant, flowing down from the head gasket area.
what to stop it?

bring it back for new gasket install. warranty should cover this. you spent enough money already.
Was this a 'long block' or 'short block'? Was the engine installed by a shop or yourself?
it is a long block with cylinder head already installed, with valve covers, timing chain cover, and oil pan installed. I had a mechanic install the engine for me. The question is whether its cylinder is supposed to be re-torqued after break-in for such a case as a small leakage of coolant, which I see, happen below the head gaskets. Its head gaskets are new, so there should no be any issues with the gaskets. Please advise.
Have the mechanic that installed the engine look at it and get his opinion.....sounds like if its actually a leak you should contact ATK for a warranty repair or replacement. Deck surfaces are suppused to be checked for warpage during rebuild process. New head bolts are supposed to be used. Things happen and wala you got a leak.
Re-torque should not be needed. Better check with rebuilder of engine.
I checked that the builder stated in their warranty that a retorquing of heads may be required at break-in!
do the head gaskets require settling down or else?

Ok what does "may" be required mean? In my mind it should say for sure one way of the other somewhere. Did it come with instructions? Quality replacement gaskets most manufactures use generally do not require re-torque. What brand of reman engine is it?
Thanks for quick replies! The engine builder is ATK, also known as Power Torque, in Texas.
Do you know of them? Note that: the engine runs fine without any smoke or fume from exhaust pipe.

I have heard of ATK. Some years ago I have bought engines from them. I primarly sell Jasper engines now...mainly because they do stand behind their products. I recommend that you verify that the gaskets are leaking for sure. Make sure its coolant leaking. Like someone else will say Im wrong on but I think it is a good idea to add some stop leak sealer to guard against small coolant seaps at hose conections. We add the barrs leak pellats. Its not a good idea to overuse a whole lot of stop leak. Too much can be bad for the cooling system.The ammout of stop leak is not intended to stop a head gasket from leaking.
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you have to pull it and redo gasket. this should have warranty for part.