Jaguar XJ6 Problem Report

Jaguar XJ6 Rattling Noise Due to Failed Upper Front Shock Bushings

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The upper bushings on the front shock absorbers are prone to failure and may produce a rattling/jingling noise as the car is driven over bumps.

Replaced the front shocks myself with some KYB's and problem gone. You can see it also if you just jack the car in front and look, shock itself (in my case) was bad where once raised the shock did not compensate and was away from the body at top. It should have expanded to fill the gap from jacking the car. This is evident after putting in new shocks. -
I had that problem with the shock bushings too, I just added an extra washer Glued to the original , J B weld can also do the trick. -
car sat 3 years, purchased and tuned it, front passenger wheel area rattle, replaced bushings both sides front, had sat too long and degraded -
loud noise when going over a bump -
Right front rattles when I go over bumps -
1996 Jaguar XJ6 Rattling when car goes over bumps. -
car runs smooth. when going over a uneven road pattern front driver side can feel and hear hit noise of a shock. -
rattle noise from front passenger side when going over bumps -
Rattling noise when going over bumps -
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