RATTLING NOISE!!! on 1999 Lincoln Town Car

my front end is making a rattling noise when i go over bumps after i change the front shocks, I BOUGHT LESS THAN THE BEST SHOCKS!!! WHAT ELSE COULD B THE PROBLEM????

by in Houston, TX on July 03, 2010
1 answer
ANSWER by on September 20, 2010
The 1998 and newer Lincoln Town Car (also Ford Crown Victoria and Mercury Grand Marquis) is notorious for front-end noises. That just goes with the territory, even when they're new. Have a competent front-end mechanic check it out, but these cars groan and complain all the time, so it might not be anything serious.
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car make the noise only when the engine get hot when engine is cold the sound is not there
after i changed shocks (front) i have a rattling noise. I DIDN'T BUT THE EXPENSIVE SHOCKS. WHAT COULD B THE PROBLEM????
It doesn,t rattle all the time sometime it will rattle and some not
When the car is in Park, there is no noise. In any other gear, it starts making a rattling/knocking noise. Any ideas what this might be?
Once I put in gear it stops. Only seems to make the noise in idle. Also when turning left my steering hangs up as if the power steering is going out. Added power steering fluid but still hangs up.

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