rattles on 2003 Chrysler PT Cruiser

It rattles underneth and you can feel EVERY bump in the road. This is my only problem but it's enough that I will not but another PT. Which is a shame cause I really like it

by in Greenville, OH on May 14, 2010
1 answer
ANSWER by on May 14, 2010
I see a sway bar repair kit available for your PT for about $35 or it could be the lower control arm bushings need replacement
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A gear-like rattle noise may be heard when transmission is in neutral and the clutch pedal is released. A new clutch is commonly required to correct this problem.
so went to eat and few hours later get in car and put into gear and it wont move so i tried reverse and same thing.its making a rattling grinding noise???? please help
hi i have a 06 manual 2,4l pt cruiser here in the uk which i love but this week it has started to jump out of 4th gear and been aquward to get into reverse . before this it the gearbox has been ge...
While driving there was a loud noise like a bump/as if I hit something under the car. Now there is a rattling sound, when I hit a bump, on the right side front tire. Any ideas what this could be?
pass. side front rattle when hitting sharp small hole at low speed straight on or cornering. possible shock mount or bushing?53k on the Odommeter.

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