rattleing when yo pres the brakes on 1993 Chrysler Concorde

while driving the car at a rate of speed of 45 mph or high and you go to slow down the car by pressing the brakes the whole front of the car shakes badly i have already replace both front struts and bushing on the car not sure if it could be the roters or the streeing rack/box

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Have your brakes checked as it sounds like the pads and rotors need replacement and you can find a shop here and get a estimate here
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Mine did the same thing. The rotors were slightly warped. This is normal wear and tear. They should be turned every time you replace the brake pads. Take them to your local parts store. They can turn them for a small fee. That should be part of your normal maintenance routine. If they need replacing, you’ll be surprised how inexpensive they are now.