Nissan Altima Problem Report

Nissan Altima Rattle and/or Check Engine Light Due to Cracked Welds on Catalytic Converter Heat Shield

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Welds on the catalytic converter heat shield can corrode causing a rattle during acceleration and possibly causing Check Engine Light illumination. The common repair for this issue is replacement of the damaged catalytic converter.

The car would have a rattle sound once i started it and when driving at slow sppeds, especailly when first driving off. -
The heat shield welds came loose on catalytic converter which was causing a loud noise. Had it fixed for under $100. -
Same problem, welds on the heat shield for catalytic converter came off causing rattle from 1500 rpm - 1700rpm and low idle. Had local shop weld back on. Fixed problem. -
I had same issue, and still covered under warranty, thank goodness -
Same rattle noise while driving, In 2006 took my car in for same noise and had the Cat replaced. Now 9 years later doing it again. Is this a recall? -
rattling noise when accelerating .. typically between 1500 and 2000 rpm. Dealership wants $875 to replace the exhaust manifold --- this is my third Nissan in 5 years ... I had a Rogue for 6 months when the transmission fell out and I somehow let them talk me into another Altima. No more Nissans for me. :( -
rattle noise coming from the engine during acceleration. -
Catalytic converter heat shied got rusted and broke. I heard a sound from engine compartment at around 1500 rpm. Got it covered under warranty -
rattling on acceleration/deceleration between 1200 and 1700 RPMs -
rattling noise when starting and accelerating -
Multiple misfires cam a n b altima knock sensor diagnosis -
Had to replace the entire catalytic converter for $800 including parts and labor. -
Have a rattle upon first starting my Altima. Goes away after it warms up a bit. Haven't fixed it yet but looking for a solution -
warrenty fix -
Rattling noise at low speeds, usually early in the morning. Diagnosed as a heat shield problem and fixed for pretty cheap. -
Rattle occurs on engine start. Typically occurs on a cold engine. -