Mazda Mazda5 Problem Report

Mazda Mazda5 Rattle From Rear Suspension Due to Loose Stabilizer Bar Links

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A Loose rear stabilizer bar link can cause a rattling noise from the rear suspension while driving on rough roads. Our technicians tell us if the rear stabilizer bar and links are not found to be loose, there are updated sway bar bushings available which should correct this problem.

Had been noticing it for a while, and when I checked my warranty, They were covered up till 60,000. Mileage on car? 60,100. Life sucks. Still needing replaced 20,000 miles later. Hopefully getting 'em done in Jan w/ tax check. Even on smooth roads, the front and rear wheels rattle like we're going over speed bumps. -
A moderate to severe rattle at 20-35 mph on a bumpy road. Seems to come from passenger rear suspension -
There's a knocking sound like something is loose in the suspension. The sound is especially noticeable going over a bump at low speed. The knocking sound first appeared in the front suspension, and I replaced a front stabilizer bar. The knocking sound has now appeared in front and back, and even seems to have come back in the place where it was first repaired. I have since learned that this is a common problem in the Mazda5. -
Replaced both front & rear sway bar bushings. -
bouncy rear shock and noise like some thing loose with drive on street like driving a horses. -
Recently had service, noticed afterwards there was a knocking in the rear drivers side. Thought it was all my tools etc at first, then gradually got worse, now going over a bump or swaying causes loud knocking and creaking and it has now spread to middle of car and is getting worse. -
Rattling in rear on bumpy road -
Loud noise when I go over any bumps -
Squeking issue resolved short term with spray grease on the bushings until new ones are purchased. Rattling from rear is either the rear shock dust cover vibrating on bumped or loose sway links. -
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