Pontiac Torrent Problem Report

Pontiac Torrent Rattle from front lower control arm

(19 reports)
The front lower control arm portion of the front suspension may cause a rattling noise over bumps and require replacement.
Terrible rattling noise when you go over any type of bump in the road. Sounds like the front end is going to fall out! Not has noisy if you touch the brakes when going over a bump. Not fixed yet. -
rattle in front end -
rattle under car front and back harder over bumps -
When going over bumps at low speeds or high speeds not huge bumps but minor ones there is a rattle in the front. -
Rattle under 2006 torrent -
rattling from front end when hitting a bump or braking. Also a thumping noise from front end when not rattling. -
rattle on minor pavement imperfections and accelerator pedal vibrates at high speeds. -
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