1993 Dodge Ram Van B150 Q&A

1993 Dodge Ram Van B150 Question: Randon sputtering

I have a '93 Dodge Ram Van 3/4-ton with a 318 engine. It's randomly sputtering and I can't figure out what's wrong with the engine. I have changed out the distributor cap and put in all new wiring, sparkplugs, oil, and basically given it a complete tune-up. Any advice? -
Answer 1
How about the ignition timing, did you replace the distributor rotor? Maybe a bottle of Chevron Techron will help clean the injectors, sometimes you need to run a couple of bottle through the system (one bottle for every 20 gallons of gas) -
Answer 2
i found a filter of some kind about halfway between the engine and the gas tank in the gas line hanging down but it should have been bolted to the chassis. i bolted it back on and no more sputtering and stalling and not starting. i took it to 3 garages untll I crawled underneath it myself. It's got to be in your gasline. -