Random weird wheel vibration on 2001 Acura MDX

Occasionally experience weird wheel vibration/shudder when driving. Typically happens at near constant speed between ~ 20 - 40 mph on a level paved road. When I back off the accelerator slightly the problem goes away. Will generally happen about 2 - 3 times within a ten mile drive. Vibration seems to be coming from front passenger tire, but hard to tell. All tires in very good condition. Car mileage ~ 130K miles.

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It's possible you are experiencing a shuddering due to the torque converter going in and out of lock up. It usually happens between 35 and 40 mph under light throttle and will also make a noise. The fix is a new torque converter.
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have tire checked for being out of round or broke belt in tire could be wheel bearing
Conditions stated would lead to costant vibration, not intermittent. Problem is intermittent.
Just got the same issue with my 05 mdx,I went to balance the tires on a place that only does tires, they balance them 3 times(only pay for the first one), and still vibrating, I call the dealer and they told is balancing, so I did not want to keep on trying at the same place, so I look on the web for similar issues and find out that I need it to take it to balance to a place that uses a machine call the road hunter GSP700, luckly me my regular mechanic has one of them, so I took it there, and after $70 dollars, problem solved.
He mentioned that some luxury cars need a more precise balancing.
I have not got a issue with wheel vibration since then, all this happen after I put new tires at the place that try to balance the tires. they did a good job with the tires, but the equipment that they have, is not as new as the road hunter.