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Randall Noe
October 23, 2014

Attention: Manager, Randall Noe Ford, Terrell, Texas 75160

I took my car in to Randall Noe Service Dept on 10/9/2014 for repair of the "Recall" notice I received. My repair Invoice #518466, I had some other issues I wanted to have checked out. They replaced throttle body, reset Kam. Problem cured. Throttlr body PCM calibration, I also told Service Tech (Anthony Biddle) to check out the car from top to bottom. He rotated the tires, changed oil & filter. Replaced air filter. I paid for the work not under warranty of $89.45.
When I called the dealership yesterday to see if all the recalls had been taken care of, the man I talked to named D.C., he could not find my invoice detailing the work. I looked up the invoice and called him back. He then looked it up and said "Oh, Your name is Doloras, not Dolor-Ass, as I was looking for". No one has ever pronounced my name Dolor Ass, as he did and I was highly insulted.
My last complaint is that I told Anthony Biddle 3 times that I wanted to have the car "Detailed" inside & out. That was the last thing I said to him when I left and he even called me on one day & told me that he was going to have to keep the car an extra day for detailing, since it might rain that night, which I told him was fine. Nothing was done as far as Detailing the car. when I got home, I got cleaner & cleaned the leather stearing wheel and wiped a little bit on the sun visor, but it still needs a complete detailing. At this point, I feel that they should "bring" me a loaner car and pick my car up and do what I asked to be done 3 times at no charge.
PS: I'm still concerned about the recalls they keep talking about on TV regarding the Air Bag situation. There was nothing done on this.

Doloras J. Smith
10511 FM 740
Forney, TX 75126

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