Ram 1500 Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your Ram 1500

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It's been at the delear for over a week and they just keep changing parts is there any electrical issues with the 13 model year or recalls

Nothing was sitting on either set of keys and truck was locked.

I rebuilt a flood truck and it has completely all new sensors, moduals and all wiring. it starts and idles fine, but won't rev past 3,000 rpm and doesn't shift out of 1st gear. shows a TPS code but the dealer replaced it. it acts like it's in Limp Mode. the eng and trans came from a r...

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Certain All Wheel Drive (AWD) vehicles equipped with a ZF 8HP45 transmission are being recalled. In the affected vehicles, the transmission output shaft can break unexpectedly. This could result in loss of power to the drive wheels, increasing the risk of a crash. The vehicle could also unexpectedly roll away with the transmission shifter in the park position. Dealers will replace the transmission in affected vehicles to correct this concern.

These vehicles are equipped with a stability control system which can help the driver maintain control of the vehicle if the tires begin to loose traction when cornering. The Electronic Stability Control (ESC) may become disabled when the vehicle is started due to a software issue. Dealers will update the ESC module software to correct this concern.

If there is a problem with the turn signal system the signal indicator on the dash should flash at double its normal rate. These 2013 Ram trucks are being recalled because this may not occur and the driver could unknowingly continue to use the turn signals believing the system was operating normally. Dealers will reprogram the Central Body Controller software to correct this concern.


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