Rain water leaks into passenger carpet. on 2004 Lincoln Town Car

I isolated to RAIN WATER. Source is from under hood.
Volume is according to exterior source.

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I fought the same problem for two years before giving in and taking my 2004 Lincoln Towncar to the dealer. They knew exactly what it was, it was the vent cover or cowling under the hood as answer #2 described. It was letting gallons of water in and I had to replace the carpet. The dealership repaired the leak for $192.00, end of problem. I am so thankful to have the problem repaired but my feeling is that this is a defect and the dealership should have repaired it for free.
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Souce of rain water
There is a small seal that leaked that is under the cowl infront of the windshield. this caused me to have water on the back right floor of car. It is always this if is rain water.