1995 Toyota Camry Q&A

1995 Toyota Camry Question: raditor fan do n't turn on when tempature gage is to high

i drive toyta camary 1995, when i drive car with in few minutes tempature gage show high and coolin fan don't turn on and ihave to stop the car because of radiroe fan do n,t turn on -
Answer 1
REPLACE THERMOSTAT. HERES A LINK WITH STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO DO SO..... http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_do_you_change_1995_Toyota_Camry_thermostats -
Answer 2
ck water level 1st then poss thermostat -
Answer 3
HEY! What about the fan that ain't coming on? If your out on the highway at 55MPH does it still run hot or does that condition put it back in the normal range? ......just a late stupid thought. Sorry. -