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Honda Accord Radio/Climate Control Display May Go Dark

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The radio and climate control display can go dark on some models. It will be necessary to replace the affected unit to correct this concern. Some customers have reported receiving help from Honda regarding this repair.

Same problem with my 2003. Only 39,000 miles. Local dealer said at least $300 to repair. Circuit board in radio needed to be replaced. I looked on YouTube and found the repair posted. Seemed crazy, but I took a chance. The instructions were easy to remove radio. I am not to mechanically inclined, but took the chance. All you need to do is remove it, open the radio, pop out one circuit board, find one fuse (very easy), then snip the fuse and solder (a little tricky) the two contacts with a few drops of solder. DONE. No parts needed and instantly the repair was complete. My cost...maybe a dime for the solder. The age of my car was 9/10 years, but with only 39,000+ miles on it and all of the "press" about this "obvious fault", I was surprised the local dealer said no. I admit my local Honda dealer has been more than fair always. I love my Honda and although this was somewhat of a challenge, I am glad it was one I took on and it worked perfectly. Thanks to the poster at YouTube for the fix. -
Radio controls and Heat/AC console display lights went out on my Accord. I thought it might just be a fuse, but apparently it is the lights behind that section of the console. Any idea how much to repair & Should Honda cover it? Thanks, Rob -
No backlight for center dash: radio display and HVAC control buttons -
bought the car used from a dealership. a week later the display went blank for the radio and a/c. this is a known problem. contacted honda corporate and was asked several questions on how committed i was to honda products and service, then they told me to take the car in to a dealership and the radio console would be replaced. did it. no problems since. -
Display went dark. Not addressed yet -
one day our radio light were working then the next it went black. Can't see it at all. -
Radio / Climate controls went dark. Dealer / honda fixed at no charge -
Shortly after out of warranty, radio backlight intermittently goes out and comes back. Tried wiggling wires leading to unit and has no effect. Everything else still works. -
Seen circuit board short fix on internet requiring jumping a circuit but complicated repair. Not fixed yet. It is covered under limited warranty. -
About 20000 miles or so ago my lights on the dash are on and off across the middle of the dash below the volume knob center of dashboard. Cannot see the up & down or sound buttons etc... -
Display lights for heat/AC and radio went out. Radio and CD player continued to operate for awhile, now they have ceased to function. -
Radio and clock may go dark. Radio turns off or on by its own. Before or after doing so the screen text may become lighter, which looks as if there is no enough power to keep the unit on. Often there is a noise from the radio unit while the radio of off as if there is going to be a shortcut. -
The dealer replaced my backlight under my 100k warranty otherwise it would have cost me several hundred dollars to have repaired -
Roughly 3-5 thousand miles before the warranty was up the center display had gone dark. Luckily this happened within the warranty time frame so the Honda dealership replaced the affected unit at no cost to me. I was told had it happened after warranty it would have come out of my pocket. -
This happened to me and I had to replace the Display. -
Clock light and other lights went out several years ago. I have not gotten them fixed. -
Ac/ heater controls in dash- lights go out or flicker ramdomly but definitely when ac used, after which ac does not cool and vent selection is disabled until lights return. Blower still works because its powered seperately. But vent selection and heater temperature stay at setting that existed before lights went out. Diagnosis: Bad solders on ac/ heater control unit . Unit replaced problem had not returned. -
radio light out -
Radio screen goes dark but will light up if you push it. sound goes out until you disconnect the battery and re enter the code. -
Lights went out on radio. Honda replaced radio at no charge -
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