Radio will not turn on? on 2001 Volkswagen Jetta

I have a 2001 volkswagon jetta my battery turned off once and my radio's fuse went out,a week later battery died again and now it will not go on and it is not the fuse?

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VW has a safety feature on it's radios, when something goes screwy with the car (battery dies) you have to input a code into your radio to get it working again (this is to deter theft of VW stereo systems). I bought my car used from a private seller and inside my owner's manual was a card with the radio code on should check your owner's manual. I have heard you can call VW dealerships with your VIN # to retrieve your radio code but cannot verify that is true. This same thing happened to me when I replaced the battery in my car, only I had the code in hand and radio works fine.
My problem is identical. Battery died, replaced battery, now the radio is dead and I mean you cant even power it on to enter the code. Tried the Fuse #42 trick...did not work. Ideas???
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Did you determine what was causing this problem? Was it related radio fuse? Doy you have a stock radio or an aftermarket radio?