Radio Power Button Fell off on 2001 Ford Escort

My on and off/ volume button on my ford zx2 radio came off and now the shaft justs goes in when I try to fix it. I was told it can't be fixed and I would have to get a whole new radio. If I can pull it out and fix it somehow let me know.

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There is no method of repair for you to fix this easily -- even the dealership doesn't open radios for internal repairs. There are some repair facilities that do - do a web search and you will find some.
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Just buy a new Face plate or dash. The whole thing will come off. The faceplate is around 50 buck or less it include a Square radio hole and new knobs for the AC/Heater and Hazard switch. it is new face and the radio is square so you can install aftermarket radio Amazon has it and this web site