RADIO ON 96 ACURA RL on 1996 Acura RL

Are there other places you can take your car to to get the serial # off the back of the radio to reset the code after a battery replacement that would be less expensive then an Acura dealership?? I live in Plano.


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You can remove the radio yourself with instructions,
and then call the dealer with the chassis number of your radio to obtain the radio code.
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Beneath the radio, I think you will find a small rectangular cover plate in the dash. That pops out, and you can see the radio serial number label through that hole. You will need a flashlight.
The label is on the bottom of the radio and can be viewed by removing the fake button between the rear defrost button and the fog light button.
the code is behind the ash tray insert, dont pull the sometimes causes it to stop working all together
You can take the ashtray out and see it that way. Might want to get a flashlight and a magnify glass to see it because it's not easy to read. After you obtain the number you call a 1 800 ( I will ge this for you tomorrow) and after they verify your identy (you will need to fax in drivers license and registration card) and they will call you back with the code.
if you remove the ashtray insert (the part you remove to empty it out) there is a sticker with the number on it.