radio issues on 2006 Kia Amanti

Our radio had sudden loud static then stopped working. We think its the amplifier, because all the control light and CD counter continue to work. All fuses have been checked. Any suggestions?

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I recently had the same thing happen to my 2005 Amanti. Loud crackling, static on and off for a week or two, now nothing - no sound, radio still has power. Radio repair shop says it's the amp (located in the trunk). Repair Shop options: Install after market radio and bypass amp (I also need to replace one door speaker) for @ $360 or bring back to factory condition by replacing amp for @ $600.
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Not your specific problem, but my 2006 Amanti began in winter 2009 completely discharging the battery if not driven 3 - 4 days. Does not happen in warm weather. Kia dealer and independent electronics shop suspect pre-amp is causing it, but since it's only occurring intermittently, they can't prove it until it happens while they are tracing it! Solutions: 1) Replace radio and pre-amp with aftermarket system and hope the diagnosis was correct, 2) Trade on another brand. I'm opting for solution 2. Kia Motors has been absolutely no help. The Amanti is a nice vehicle, but it's unreliable in this condition and Kia Motors shows no interest in solving my dilemma. Buh-bye Kia/Hyundai.