1996 Acura RL Q&A

1996 Acura RL Question: radio code

i had it written down somewhere but i lost it i think its starts with 5 im not sure but i really would love someone to help me ive been driving without a radio for 1 week now -
Answer 1
If it's not somewhere in your paperwork maybe you can get a local car stereo installer to help you out. If not I think the only other choice is to visit a dealer to get any other options. -
Answer 2
Its a 5 digit code under the ashtray...you have to pull it out -
Answer 3
Opne your RL owner manual you should have Auto bin # or stereo SN. It may show also the a code which may be the "back door" access or bring the car to the dealer with the th eabove info. They should get your the access # without charge. -
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