Radio audio goes in and out. on 2006 Honda Pilot

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Most of the time the radio cd player works fine, but every so often, the audio just cuts out and may stay off for 30 to 60 minutes. Then it just comes on again. Difficult to pin point why it is doing on a occasional basis.
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Yes, I get this periodically too. The radio acts like it is on and it doesn't matter what you set it to (CD, FM, XM, etc.), but there is no sound until some time later suddenly "pop" and the sound cuts back on. I have also noticed that often cycling the ignition (turning it off and back on again) brings back the audio.
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Does the preset radio stations need to be reset after the audio cuts out, that would signify a loose connection causing a loss of power to the stereo? Has the dash been dissembled for any reason (air conditioning problems)? Haven't personally experienced this call a few Honda dealers ask them if they have heard of this (possibly fault in radio?). Ask them have they had to repair any Pilot stereos?
perhaps call people that only fix car stereo's