radio and dash lights on 1999 Chrysler Sebring

can anyone tell me why my stero and dash lights go on and off randomly. not always at the same time sometimes the lights are out and the stereo works or the other way around?

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Both are fed power by the same circuit, but since they do not occur simultaneously , it is probably not the root cause. As far as you radio goes, It is common for the older vehicles for the display to be erratic at times. This is an internal issue on the circuit board. The Vacuum Flouresent Display creates a tremendous amount of heat and some components on the circuit board simply shut down and come back on when it cools off. The dash lights may be a loose connector at the rear of the Instrument Cluster or a printed circuit board issue. BTW, I assumed your radio is a Factory installed unit. If not, check radio wiring first.
thank you for the help it is afactory unit but it doesn`t ever stay on long enough to overheat..mabey a different system is the answer?