Radio on 1995 Honda Odyssey

My car went to the shop with a working radio. Now it isn't working. I assume it's a fuse and nothing they actually did and want to attempt to fix it myself but I can only find one fuse box and it isn't labeled in any way. I purchased this used and it didn't come with a manual. Does anyone know where the fuse boxes are and which ones I should check. I read somewhere #9 and #11 but like I said my one box I can find isn't labeled.

by in Minden, NV on November 12, 2010
2 answers
ANSWER by on November 12, 2010
Does the radio say "CODE" on the face, or "ERROR"? If so, the anti-theft code needs to be entered, as the battery probably got disconnected.
ANSWER by on December 30, 2010
my radio stopped working yesterday. i cahnged the fuse on the passenger's side down near the floor. little panel down there. the radio still doesn't work
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