Radiator replacement on 1990 Ford Escort

I was driving on the highway when my car would not pick up over 55. The engine overheated and I pulled over & the car was towed to the nearest shop, who advised the car was not drivable because the headgasket blew.
They never quoted me a price but proceeded to tell me they would have to take the engine out to fix this issue and that could be days. They tested the radiator fluid and told me it was contaminated with CO2 and they could not reach the valves to see how bad the damage.
I then towed the car to a friends nearby & 4 days later my mechanic friend had me start the engine, check for leaks and low fluid. The car was running fine but it did not have equal heat distribution.
Prior to my trip, I noticed the AC was running off and on so I took it in to have freon flushed and replaced.
This time last year I had the timing belt replaced. Could this have affected the water pump and if so,
Could this mean I need a new water pump as well as Radiator? What kind of costs will I be facing?

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a lot more than the car is worth. the older escorts have serious gead problems. that job alone is about 1500. then the radiator which is about 400 plus any extras. think real hard about this on a 20 year old car.